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Catch and Release: Horse Doctor Adventures


Book Series: Horse Doctor Adventures
Series – 3 Books
ISBN: 978-0-9942972-6-6
ASIN: 0994297262
Genre: Fiction

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Catch and Release is the first book in a series about Dr. Maggie Kincaid. Maggie recently returned from Australia, where she lived, raised a family, and practiced as a horse vet for over two decades. Following retirement, she travels to a small rural town where she purchases a log cabin in the woods.

Her immediate neighbors are the National Forest and a reclusive, aging, former film and television star. There was one small detail. Maggie’s cabin was the scene of a murder-suicide. Many of the locals think otherwise.

Despite her children’s warnings of the ‘gun toting’ Americans, she settles into a rural life where she plans to ride, fly fish, and write books about veterinarians who solve mysteries.

A young, hearing-impaired boy shows up at her cabin seeking work. Their relationship unfolds as Maggie attempts to help the boy. Maggie meets many local townsfolk, ranging from ranchers to multi-millionaires who jet in and out of the area.

Through all of this, she becomes entangled in their lives and is courted by two men. Then the cracks unfold in her idyllic life. All is not what it seems, and neither are her friends.

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Box Set, E-book, Paperback

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