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The Travels of Dr. Rebecca Harper: Past and Present


Book Series: The Travels of Dr. Rebecca Harper
Series – 4 Books
ISBN – 978-0994297297
ASIN: 0994297297
Genre: fiction

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The Travels of Dr. Rebecca Harper: Past and Present
Dr. Lauren Harper joins her mother, Dr. Rebecca Harper Buchanan, after more than twenty years of separation. It can only be a short visit. Lauren has her modern family and fiancé to consider.

Well, that didn’t happen —the portal which brought Lauren to Rebecca and the 1800s is damaged by the storm and torrential rain that nearly killed Lauren when she arrived. Both women must depend on Sam Buchanan to hopefully reconstruct the portal pool.

While the passage is hopefully reopened, Lauren experiences life in the 1800s.
As a modern trained equine veterinarian, Lauren becomes aware of the limitations of practicing veterinary medicine in the 1800s.

Lauren realizes she may not be able to return to her time before winter makes the trip unsurvivable. She also knows she faces the possible murder of Frank Lash and the threat of retribution by the former deputy sheriffs. Their convictions are assured with Lauren’s testimony.

Rebecca knows how important it is to facilitate her daughter’s safe passage back to the future. She wants what is best for Lauren and yet grieves at the loss of her daughter after a brief visit.

If Lauren can return to the twenty-first century, Rebecca knows she will never see Lauren again, but her love for her husband and his love for her sustains her through this painful parting.

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Box Set, E-book, Paperback

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