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Dr. Elizabeth Woolsey

I have ridden horses since I was a small child, which is what inspired me to become a horse veterinarian. I’ve been a horse vet for over 35 years.

When I was small, I started with ponies and transitioned to jumpers and even rode some trackwork. These days I prefer the Old Lady Broke to Death kinds of horses.

I have cats and dogs and occasionally injured birds. I have been fishing since I was very little. At the age of nine, my father introduced me to fly fishing. The feel of a trout on the line is like a drug. Once you are hooked… pun intended 

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Elizabeth Woolsey

Writing is my guilty pleasure. I love to share true stories of my life as a horse veterinarian both in America and in Australia where I have lived and worked for the last 28 years.

My time in Australia has been rich in both veterinary medicine and the daily dramas of life. I have been blessed with a wonderful extended family, which includes not only my blood-born daughter but also other children, friends and my loyal staff who have made my work so easy.

My horses, dogs and cats have provided me with fodder for some of the stories that I now write about. My inspiration for telling these stories comes from both my real life and the wonderful books that I have read or listened to while driving around the countryside attending horses.

I am eternally grateful to the person who said, “You write like you’re talking to me.” I am talking to you. I am excited to share my stories with you. So sit down, and I’ll tell you a story

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2022 Equus Film And Arts Award

I ACTUALLY Won!!! All I wanted to do was write a few stories about horse vets …

I never thought my new passion would lead to anything more than a few under-noticed books to help Jeff Bezos to launch a rocket.

I saw this award ceremony last year and noticed the recognition it gave the authors. So I decided to see what it was about. I actually talked to one of the founding members, Lisa Diersen, who could not have been more excited about her program to highlight equestrian artists from all walks of life.

But late last night, I received notice I had won an award for my original book and was runner-up in a second category.

WINNER – Equestrian Romance The Travels of Dr. Rebecca Harper: A Matter of Time Elizabeth Woolsey

RUNNER-UP – Equine Mystery Small Town Secrets: Horse Doctor Adventures Elizabeth Woolsey

I am so honored to be recognized for the awards. you should check out their website. I know there are many of my friends and past clients who might be interested in this program. http://www.equusfilmfestival.net/

I am an Equine Veterinarian

Dr. Elizabeth Woolsey moved to Australia and practiced equine veterinary medicine for over 35 years. She authored both nonfiction books and professional papers on such topics as the treatment of burns in horses and surgical procedures. Elizabeth published a book about her experiences as a practicing equine vet in Australia. She recently retired and has returned to the US, where she is now publishing fictional stories about veterinarians under Horse Doctor Press.

From the Blog …

My First Blog Post!!!!!

My professional names are Elizabeth Woolsey DVM and formerly Elizabeth Woolsey Herbert DVM G’day, howdy,…

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