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Horse Doctor Adventures – Small Town Secrets


Book Series: Horse Doctor Adventures
Series – 3 Books
ISBN – 978-0994297235
ASIN: 0994297238
Genre: fiction

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American-born veterinarian, Carly Langley, lives in rural South Australia with her husband and two small girls. Their neighbor and babysitter, Mrs. Miller, is found dead. She is a treasured member of the family, so it is inconceivable that Carly would want to kill her. The police think otherwise.

Who killed Mrs. Miller and why? How does Carly prove her innocence? Who in this town is on her side and who is determined to frame Carly in this unusual death.

Several townsfolk come to her rescue, including a hotshot lawyer from Sydney and an Aboriginal high school student.

Many others offer her help. Their objectives are questionable. Who can she trust? Even her veterinary clinic bosses have doubts about her innocence.

Her prospects for a guilty finding and significant jail time, not to mention the loss of access to her beloved carrot cake, send Carly in a downward spiral.

Who, if anyone, will come to her rescue. This town has secrets. It’s up to Carly to solve this mystery and demonstrate her innocence.

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Box Set, E-book, Paperback

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