The Travels of Dr. Rebecca Harper
A Matter of Time

Graduation 1981—Oh my God, I’m a vet. A real vet. No more practicing writing my name as Rebecca Ann Harper, DVM—or better yet, Dr. Rebecca Harper—in the margins of my class notes.

No more calculating my GPA daily in my spiral notebook while Dr. Fitzgerald drones on about accreditation exams. Considering the last three years, this is a miracle. I have it all.

With my diploma in hand and Pomp and Circumstance droning from the loudspeaker, I rushed off the graduation stage. I walked past my beaming husband, Jeff. He had Lauren, our three-year-old daughter, in tow and intended to keep her from screaming as I walked past without a hug.

Jeff and I met when he started his residency in equine reproduction four years ago. A kinder man you will never meet. “He’s tall, muscular, sandy-haired, and the best husband and father you could ever ask for.

The cliché is gag-worthy, but it’s true.” He opted out of his theriogenology residency program for one year with only a few months to go, so I could continue my schooling ...


The Travels of Dr. Rebecca Harper: A Matter of Time


Book Series: The Travels of Dr. Rebecca Harper Series – 4 Books ISBN – 978-0-9942972-8-0 ASIN: 0994297289 Genre: fiction

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A Matter of Time – The Travels of Dr. Rebecca Harper

Dr. Rebecca Harper travels to Nevada following graduation from veterinary school. She leaves her husband and small daughter to interview at a veterinary clinic near Lake Tahoe. Rebecca is introduced to an area where the mythical television series, Comstock, was filmed.

She is involved in an accident while riding in the Eastern Sierras. Injured and disoriented, Rebecca must fight to survive. She eventually walks out of the mountains and into the set where the television series was filmed. There she meets actors who resemble the beloved 1950s characters of the canceled television series. It must be a revival.

Or is it? Is she trapped in a time warp? Are these real people? How can she return to her husband and daughter? Can she survive in the 1850s without the modern conveniences she is now accustomed to, such as radiographs, Oreos, and Tampons? A Matter of Time is the first book about a young woman’s life in the 1800s as she searches to find a way back to her time.

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