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Catch and Keep: Horse Doctor Adventures


Book Series: Horse Doctor Adventures
Series – 3 Books
ISBN: 978-0994297273
ASIN: 0994297270
Genre: Fiction

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Maggie Kincaid was retired from her career as an equine veterinarian and, despite her children’s warnings and displeasure, returned to her birth country and bought a log cabin. She planned to ride horses, fish for trout, and write books. Mission accomplished. Despite the murder-suicide in her log cabin, several years before her purchase, Maggie was living her best life. Then a young deaf boy came and asked for work.

This connection and her eligibility as a single mature woman brought her to the attention of an aging film star, Colin Chandler, and a multimillionaire, Charlie McLeod.
She narrowly escaped from a kidnapping, and then her prime candidate for marital bliss was killed in a plane crash. Life became too much, and Maggie withdrew from the social scene. Amid depression, Maggie spent several weeks in bed as winter loomed.

Colin Chandler rescued her from the blues and offered to take her fishing in the Southern Hemisphere—a destination unknown. Despite her reluctance to get out of bed, she went, and upon entering a remote fishing lodge, she found that her former love interest was not dead. He was hiding from his co-conspirators awaiting trials where he would give evidence. Or was he hiding from the authorities? With two rivals for her affection, Maggie decided to look for salvation and left the men at the lodge to go fishing.

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E-book, Paperback

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