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The Travels of Dr. Rebecca Harper – Troubled Waters


Book Series: The Travels of Dr. Rebecca Harper
Series – 4 Books
ISBN – 978-0-9942972-5-9
ASIN: 0994297254
Genre: fiction

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Dr. Rebecca Harper is now married to a prominent rancher and future subject of the television series, Comstock. She is currently a qualified doctor and veterinarian who balances her duties as the Virginia City town doctor and her home duties on the Cattle Creek Ranch. Her adventures take her from the safe haven of the ranch to faraway places.

As a doctor and veterinarian, Rebecca must deal with human and animal health issues without antibiotics and pain medication.

Through this, her salvation is her beloved mountain valley, Hank Heaven, where she retreats from the demands of her professional and family’s needs. There she reads, fly fishes, and skinnydips, despite her husband’s strong disapproval.

She yearns for the daughter she left when she arrived in the 1800s. She laments that she doesn’t have children, despite several opportunities to adopt orphans.

Will Rebecca return to her former time in the future? She knows there is a portal. Will she use it and abandon the family and town that need her?

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Box Set, E-book, Paperback

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