Have you heard of Kindle Vella?

Kindle Vella (KV) is a serialized story. Chapters are submitted, and Readers (you) can read the first few submissions for free, then Readers (you) buy tokens to read further additions to the series. I am going to begin to submit a new series called: Hey, Siri. You know this is going to involve a horse vet, don’t you? What if Siri goes a bit rogue and steps away from his or her job as a virtual assistant?

What if Siri is humanoid?

We are currently in negotiations with Apple to obtain permission to use the “Siri” name … and it actually looks very promising. Stay tuned and I’ll let you know how that turns our as soon as we know!

Cheers Boo,

So, what is Kindle Vella?

Amazon has launched a new system the iOS Kindle app called Kindle Vella. It is a new way for authors to share serialized stories with readers, one chapter at a time. Authors can self-publish Kindle Vella stories in a serial format, one short 600–5,000-word episode at a time, using the same Kindle Direct Publishing platform that have always used in the past.

Kindle Vella stories are able to be purchased right on the iOS app, using tokens. The first few episodes of every story will be free so that readers have a chance to check out a new story and see if they like it. Readers can then purchase and redeem tokens to unlock subsequent episodes. The number of tokens required to unlock an episode is determined by the length of the episode. Tokens can be bought and sold right on the Kindle for iOS app

Kindle Vella also has a social component, where readers can talk to the author, using author notes. Readers can leave a Thumbs Up for any episode they like. Once a week, readers who have purchased Tokens will receive a Fave to award to the story they enjoyed most that week. Amazon will then feature stories with the most Faves in the Kindle Vella store.

One of the most interesting things about the Vella program, is that it provides a fresh approach to storytelling and provides a revenue model for new and existing authors to make money. Serialized novels, can easily be written, a few pages here and a few pages there, once published, readers can give feedback and authors can tell their readers, what feedback they are using, for feature chapters.

Ideally, this will help chart the future direction of the overall story and cater it towards what readers want to see. Ideally, once a Vella has been completed, the author can likely spin it into an eBook and sell it on Amazon.com. Although, if they do this, they will have to remove the story from Vella. The serialized and social approach is similar to Toronto, Canada, based Wattpad, except they don’t pay writers.

Article Courtesy of Michael Kozlowski From GoodReader.com.

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